Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew
Portable Near Infrared Sauna - Detox Crew

Portable Near Infrared Sauna

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Why Buy From Elite Detox
  • The Most Versatile Unit on the Market

    This unit is designed to provide you with the complete healing and detoxifying experience you are looking for.

    The TheraBulb low EMF infrared tungsten lamps provide a natural fusion of light AND heat therapy for the ultimate sauna experience. Handmade by expert craftsmen in Australia it can be used on the stand or hung (all included) for maximum versatility and effectiveness.

    The best and most affordable portable near infrared sauna in Australia, this unit is truly the most versatile and practical unit on the market, as we make use of your existing space (everyone has a shower, bathtub, or small space). Gone are the days where you need bulky, expensive, and often unsightly enclosures. The high-quality design and unit will provide a lifetime of reliable and flexible sauna use, will move easily with you over your lifetime, and won’t break the bank.  Don’t settle for bulky and expensive enclosures or, even worse, just the heat benefits of a far infrared sauna.

    The dual action of heat AND near-infrared therapy is what makes this unit the logical choice over traditional and far-infrared saunas. That and It’s unique versatility, practicality and cost-effectiveness. 

    Now with TheraBulb lamps, it's the lamps that are the key to the extra health benefits and detoxification over far infrared saunas. These incandescent (tungsten) heat lamps emit the full spectrum of red and near-infrared light with pronounced peaks in the clinically researched and highly therapeutic wavelength ranges.

    TheraBulb lamps may increase the cost of the sauna but it’s more than worth it for verified wavelengths and irradiance levels that are independently lab tested. This allows you to accurately calculate your photobiomodulation dose and ensure you get it within the narrow therapeutic range.  This benefit can’t be overstated as there is simply no other lamp as of the time of this printing (Nov/2018) that can give you a correctly calculated dose. Handheld solar testing meters are inaccurate for broadband light and the only way to properly assess is with sophisticated and expensive lab testing. TheraBulb lamps ALSO provide the gentle heat producing wavelengths of mid and far-infrared (without the EMF’s) providing you with the COMPLETE healing and detoxifying sauna experience you are looking for.

    Portable Near Infrared Sauna Benefits

    • The most versatile unit on the market
    • Use the stand OR hang the unit to use in shower, bath, small room or bedside.
    • No Electromagnetic Frequency issues
    • Almost zero EMF’s which is a significant difference to Far Infrared Saunas.
    • Combines heat and light therapy
    • Why would anyone settle for JUST heat benefits? Near infrared light heals.
    • Very Affordable - especially when compared to far infrared and traditional saunas. No enclosure needed

    Portable Near Infrared Features

    • Designed for shower and bathtub use as well as other small spaces (“any place, any space”)
    • TheraBulb lab-tested lamps allow for exact photobiomodulation dosing.
    • Independent lab tested and verified red and near-infrared output and irradiance
    • 3 light settings allow for control of heat and focal single lamp spot therapy
    • Full-spectrum healing with both near and far infrared benefits.                 
    • Typically ships in 1-3 business days
    • Very low to zero EMF emissions at 60cm recommended user distance (Benetech gm3120)
    • Exceptionally cost-effective sauna to both operate and purchase
    • Adjustable for correct lamp height both on the stand and hanging
    • Simple 15-minute initial setup using a single Philips screwdriver
    • Untreated natural Australian pine with zero VOC rating
    • Wired, tagged and tested by certified electricians
    • No bulky, unsightly enclosures needed
    • Steel guard for burn safety
    • 30 Day Trial
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Handcrafted Sauna Stool (Optional Accessory)

    The Science Behind Why You Need To Be Using A Sauna (A review study)

    Buy Your Portable Near Infrared Sauna Today

    With Free Shipping, a 2 Year Warranty, unlimited customer support, and Australia's best price match guarantee, Elite Detox is your first choice for the best Portable Near Infrared Sauna.

    Buy your Portable Near Infrared Sauna today or contact us for more information from our expert staff.    

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much space does it take up?

    The portable near infrared sauna is a very compact 40cm long x 43 cm wide and 108 cm high.

    Where should I use my portable near infrared sauna for maximum benefit?

    It is best used in a shower cubicle or bathtub as this creates an enclosure for heat retention and easy clean-up with no sweat stain issues. However as it can be used on its stand or hung anyone can use it in ANY space making this the most versatile unit on the market.

    How much does it cost to operate?

    This is one of the primary benefits of a near infrared sauna. The average kilowatt-hour (kW-hr) cost in Queensland is about $0.23. That means that operating a device that uses 1 kW of electricity for 1 hour costs $0.23. Our 4 Lamp sauna uses 1000 W, or 1 kW so it is totally energy-efficient, only costing an average $0.23 per hour of use. Far infrared saunas use far more and require special wiring as a result.

    Are there any chemical treatments used in the construction of the sauna?

    The wood used is natural untreated pine. There is a small amount of glue used in the construction of the units.

    Does the NIR sauna comply with Australian electrical standards?

    Yes. Every unit is professionally wired, and then tested and tagged by a certified electrician.

    Do I need to buy a stool?

    The bottom line is you can use most any stool or chair but you should strongly consider it. Our hand crafted sauna stool allows for easy rotation creating the best experience with your portable near infrared sauna. Raw wood is also the best material to use in your sauna verses synthetics.

    What happens if a bulb breaks of burns out?

    The lifespan of most bulbs is up to 5000 hours so you should be fine for some time to come. When the inevitable does happen and a bulb breaks or burns out replacement TheraBulb lamps can be purchased from the link on our website.  These high quality lab tested bulbs will ship from the USA.

    Does it contain UV rays?

    No. Infrared is not the same as ultraviolet and there are no harmful ultraviolet rays in our near infrared saunas.

    Is the sauna helpful for lyme disease?

    Yes. While not everyone will benefit, many will see and feel improvements for the following reasons. First, near infrared can help regenerate tissue damage from spirochetes in the joints. Second, raising core temperatures daily in the sauna helps weaken and kill spirochetes while greatly enhancing immune function. Third, regular sweating detoxifies heavy metals like mercury, which are thought to be a complicating factor in Lyme. Fourth, the enhancement of circulation helps potentiate the effects of antibiotics. Estimates say that antibiotic effectiveness in increased 16X with near infrared sauna use.

    Do I need to use 4 lamps all the time?

    No. Our unit is wired so you can select 1, 3, or all 4 bulbs to be on at one time. This helps you regulate the heat if you need to reduce it making your individual sessions more personalised and comfortable.

    Can I use it for single lamp therapy or "spot" therapy?

    Yes. It’s been wired to allow for a single lamp to be used in isolation allowing you to treat knees, shoulders or various wounds or inflamed areas.  Our newly redesigned cage is now on hinges providing even easier access.

    Will the sauna make me sweat?

    Yes it will when used correctly. However, depending on your individual health status and toxicity it may take some time for your body to develop the normal sweat response which is often compromised in many people. Over time this will improve and vigorous sweat will occur.  Occasionally hydration can be an issue or the ambient air temperature of the room.  Using a smaller space or a space heater to pre-warm the area is a solution.

    Are the lamps just NIR?

    No. They uniquely provide primarily near, but also some mid and far infrared. This makes them the ideal solution for saunas as you get the benefits of the near infrared LIGHT and the benefits of the far infrared HEAT without the side effects of the EMF’s that most far infrared saunas emit as a result of their electrical wiring to their heating units.  We are proud to exclusively use TheraBulb lamps as they have been clinically tested to confirm their output and irradiance levels which at the time of writing it unique to ONLY TheraBulb.

    Will the cage heat up?

    A little but with normal time usage they will not heat up enough to be a burn hazard which the lights most certainly are if they were to be touched.

    Where is the unit made?

    The units are all proudly handmade in Queensland Australia by highly skilled craftsmen.

    Can you use an extension chord with it?

    Yes you can with no problems at all should you need one.

    How long should I use it for?

    Everyone is different and this depends on your circumstances. If in doubt less is better and you can work your session times up. Most people will use it for 15-30 minutes at a time and do one to two sessions per day. Seek medical advice from your health practitioner for correct usage for your circumstances.

    Is there a minimum age for saunas?

    Children under 6 should not use it. Children under 10 should be supervised.

    How often do I rotate?

    Every several minutes you may wish to rotate to heat the body evenly.  Some people find they only like to rotate once or twice during the sauna.  There is no correct number.

    What do I do in the sauna?

    As little as possible. For best results one should be relaxed and this can’t be emphasised enough. Meditation and deep breathing practices are encouraged.

    How often should I use it?

    Your health practitioner can best suggest this. Safe usage for most is 20 minutes per day but for various purposes time can, and often should, be increased but again only under health practitioner suggestions.

    When shouldn't I use it?

    With alcohol, when dehydrated or if you are feeling faint. While in it if you stop sweating, feel faint, your heart starts to race or you feel unwell you should stop the session.

    What do I do before a sauna session?

    Drink 250ml to 500ml of water. You may wish to preheat the sauna before you start your session but this is not usually needed.

    What do I do after a sauna session?

    After a sauna session, shower off or you can towel off if you do not have time for a shower, although showering is best. Use as little soap as needed, and only a natural soap. Always relax after a sauna session to allow the body to readjust, about 10 to 15minutes. Do not go right back to daily activities. Drink some more water.

    Can it replace exercise?

    Yes and no. Nothing truly replaces exercise however the sauna will raise your heartbeat and get the blood flowing just like exercise. You will also sweat, lose weight, raise your metabolism and really pump the blood through the body. From this perspective and others like increasing your insulin sensitivity it can be an EXCELLENT alternative to exercise particularly for those with painful joints that can’t exercise or don’t want to for various reasons.

    Can I point the lamps at my head?

    Yes and there are wonderful studies that show NIR applied to the head can help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Consult your health practitioner.

    Do I need to do anything or worry about my eyes?

    No. Some people have suggested NIR is bad for the eyes but this is simply not true with multiple studies showing the exact opposite that NIR is helpful for optic nerve issues, macular degeneration and other eye issues. With normal sauna use there is no issue. Brightness can be an issue so we don’t suggest staring into light.  A simple sleep mask can be used should you be concerned.

    How long after a meal do I need to wait before using the sauna?

    It is best to wait at least one hour.

    Can I use it if I feel an infection coming on?

    Yes and this is encouraged. When you sauna one of the effects is the raising of the body a couple of degrees which mimics fever. Fever is a natural body state used to help kill off infections so at the first sign of an infection sauna use can be very beneficial.

    Won't I lose electrolytes?

    Some but if you use a quality sea salt on your meals and use kelp as a supplement there shouldn’t be any issues.

    Do I wear clothes?

    In general no you do not.  You may get the heat benefits while clothed but red and near infrared light don't penetrate clothing.

    Do I use it if pregnant or breast feeding?

    It is not recommended while pregnant. With breastfeeding it is also not suggested.

    Should testicles be exposed? 

    The testicles should remain cooler than the rest of the body. Technically, it may be best to avoid direct infrared irradiation of the testicles if you are concerned about fertility and you may place a towel over them. However a study from Finland reported no evidence that hot air sauna use decreases sperm count in men.

    Do I need to preheat before using it?

    You may wish to do this at times if the ambient air temperature is cool, but it is often not needed.

    Do I need to clean the sauna? 

    No. You should have not need to clean the actual unit. You may wish to be aware of sweat stains on the floor however and make good use of towels if you are not in a shower or bathtub. Wash the towels regularly.

    What about breast implants or metallic pins?

    Theoretically these could heat up in an infrared sauna, although we have not observed this. Begin with less time in the sauna, becoming aware of any unusual sensations in the area of the prostheses or pins.

    Will using it have an effect on my medication use? 

    Rarely, heating the body may alter the properties or effects of a medication. Consult the prescribing physician if this is a concern.

    Is more better?

    No, more is not always better and it is very easy to overdo things in a NIR sauna. Always start with shorter sessions and pay attention to what your body is telling you.  With respect to the red and near infrared light dose is critical and dose charts will ship with all units effective November 2018.  

    What about animals... can they use it?

    Do not bring pets into a sauna as they often do not sweat as easily and may overheat in a sauna.

    How do you adjust it for height when hanging it?

    The unit comes with a hanging unit that is easily adjusted and explained in the manual. It can be hung in virtually any environment.

    Are the sauna frame and cover important? Can't I just use the portable near infrared sauna on its own for my near infrared lamp sauna therapy?

    Yes. Our unit is specifically designed to “plug and play”. There is no wiring that needs to be done, you simply plug it in and it is ready for use.  This applies to Canada and the United States as well, as it will come with appropriate plugs and wiring for your voltage.

    Can I install my portable near infrared sauna outdoors?

    No. The materials and electrical components are not designed for outdoor use.

    Which shipping carriers do we use?

    Domestic orders:  We use Sendle which contracts various shipping companies but primarily FastWay.  Shipments are from Cairns which is a long ways away from most destinations.  Many orders arrive in 5-8 business days but when shipping to areas like Tasmania, Western Australia, NT and some rural areas the time can be longer. Tracking information will be provided.

    Do we ship with signature required? 

    Yes. By default we ship signature required to ensure the security of the delivery.  If you do not wish this let us know when ordering and we can authorise the package to be left in a secure area. We are not responsible for the package once it has been authorised and dropped off.

    How long will it take for my order to ship once I've submitted payment?

    The vast majority of the time we have inventory on hand and we will ship within 1-2 business days. If there is going to be any delay we will notify you by email.

    How long does it take for the sauna to be delivered?

    Experience tells us most people can expect delivery within 5-8 business days of when it is shipped.  Shipments are from Cairns which is a long ways away from most destinations and shipping to areas like Tasmania, Western Australia, NT and some rural areas the time can be longer. Tracking information will be provided.

    What sort of warranty comes with the unit?

    It comes with a two year warranty on the unit. Bulbs are not guaranteed. For all the details click the link at the bottom of the home page.

    DISCLAIMER: No medical claims or advice, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment' or ‘cure’ is being represented by the manufacturer. Please consult your physician before using this product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Really Pleased

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have started at 20 minute sessions every second day. I'm really pleased with it and can already feel a difference in my general well being. Once again, many thanks.

Very Impressed

I am very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and the adaptability in using the Portable Sauna. Currently I have it hanging in my shower cubicle and it’s perfect. I use it for approximately 20 mins two sessions a day and have noticed an increase in energy levels and sleeping has improved. Friends have noticed and commented on the glow of my skin.