Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew
Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew
Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew
Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew
Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew
Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Detox Crew

Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Why Buy From Elite Detox
  • The Strongest Blue Light Lens Available

    With 99% of blue and green light blocked from 380-570nm, these Nightfall Elite Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed for people who are serious about minimising their blue light exposure, while looking stylish at the same time. Designed to last, you can rest assured when wearing these glasses that you are being offered the best protection available. 

    Don't fall for the the more expensive blue light brands you see advertised elsewhere. Based on studies of their efficacy, they offer a fraction of the blue light protection that these glasses do, and will cost you close to twice the price.

    This stylish design features top quality spring hinges to allow for a more customised fit, and a reduction in peripheral light via designed contour. All of this while retaining a smooth look to make you the envy of your family and friends.

    These glasses feature blue and green light blocking lenses designed for use when the sun has gone down. If you wear reading or prescription glasses, we've got you covered, offering our NightFall Fitover Glasses. These glasses fit directly over your prescription glasses and allow you to wind down for the day while still maintaining your ability to see!

    Exposure to blue and green light after sunset can disrupt your sleep and bring about a host of unhealthy patterns. This is why it is imperative to block blue light and ensure that you are utilising your night times to wind down and sleep, as nature intended!

    Nightfall Elite Features

     99% blue light and green light from 380-570nm is blocked
     High quality spring hinges to allow for a more customized fit
     Engineered contour reduces peripheral light while retaining a smooth look.
     Glare, UV and scratch-resistant lenses
     High quality spring hinges to allow for a more customized fit 
    ▪ Wrap around design, minimises any "light leakage" - this is essential in protecting you from blue light and supporting melatonin production
     Stylish wrap-around design for a more streamlined fit proper coverage 
     Hard-shell case for the glasses
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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      What do BlockBlueLight glasses do and how do they work?
      BlockBlueLight glasses have been specifically designed to block ALL the blue and green light wavelengths which are emitted from electronic devices and any artificial light sources. This includes smartphones, laptops, computer screens, LED and Plasma TVs, tablets, fluorescent lighting in offices and stores, and conventional LED lighting in homes. This harmful blue light has been extensively researched, and has been proven to inhibit our body's ability to naturally produce melatonin, the brain's 'sleep hormone'. When worn after the sun goes down, BlockBlueLight glasses block out ALL blue light, allowing your body to naturally wind down and prepare for sleep. This ensures you will fall asleep fast, stay sleep longer, and guarantees quality restful sleep. BlockBlueLight glasses give you the best of both worlds: you can still use phones, devices, tablets and watch your favourite TV shows, yet your sleep and health don't need to suffer. By effectively blocking blue light from a variety of sources you allow maximum melatonin production to occur, helping you to get the best night's sleep, and wake up full of energy.

      How much blue light do blockbluelight glasses block?
      Testing by a laboratory grade spectrometer has shown that the BlockBlueLight SunDown Amber lens blocks 100% of blue light from 380-500nm and 43% of Green light from 500-550nm.

       The Nocturnal Ultra Red lens blocks 100% of blue light from 380-500nm, and 100% of green light from 500-570nm 

      Research shows that blue light between 400 and 450nm causes macular degeneration, retina damage, and can also be responsible for causing migraines and headaches through eye strain. Blue and green light between 450 and 550nm will have a very strong effect on suppressing the production of melatonin which in turn causes sleep issues.

      How are Block Blue Light glasses different from other glasses?
      There are many blue light blocking glasses available on the market making all sorts of different claims. We know that this can make purchasing a quality pair overwhelming and very confusing! A lot of the orange or red-tinted glasses being sold are just simply that, red and orange-tinted. Often suppliers have not properly designed the lens to ensure it is actually blocking the correct wavelengths of blue light, with no research or testing in these products' development. If this is the case, you aren't likely to notice any significant changes or benefits from these types of lenses. Many other brands of glasses are being sold that have clear lenses yet are still claiming to block various sources of blue light. Typically, these lenses are really only filtering out very small amounts of harmful light. Clear lens glasses will only really be capable of filtering around 10% - 20% of blue light - slightly beneficial for eye strain but they will not have any benefits in preserving melatonin and improving quality of sleep.

      All of BlockBlueLight's glasses have been extensively researched, scientifically designed and manufactured specifically using the best technology to ensure ALL of the wavelengths of harmful blue and green light are both being removed. We have our lenses tested by a laboratory grade spectrometer to ensure we are producing the very best lenses which effectively block all blue light. You can see our lens testing reports here. We are confident that you won't find better quality blue light blocking glasses on the market. We have designed our glasses to have a wrap-around fit to ensure there is no light leakage coming in from the sides and still entering the eye - this is critical to ensure the glasses remain effective at blocking out all artificial light. Many glasses are simply focused on fashion and style of their frames but not focused on blocking harmful artificial light to promote improved sleep. Don't be fooled by expensive blue blocker glasses that may look good, as they are most likely doing a very poor job at both blocking the correct wavelengths of blue light, and keeping the harmful blue light from still entering your eyes through the sides!

      I need to wear reading or prescription glasses, do you have glasses to work with these?
      Yes, we have created our fit-over range of glasses which have been specifically designed for this reason. You can continue to wear your existing reading or prescription glasses, and our fit-over glasses will nicely fit over them and provide maximum protection against blue light. We offer these in both the Nocturnal Red Ultra Lens, and the Original Dark Amber lens.

      What is the difference between the Nocturnal Red, Sundown Amber and ClearBlue Daytime Lenses?
      SunDown Amber lenses block 100% of blue light and green light up to 530nm, which means that your brain will be producing melatonin a few minutes after you start wearing them, remembering that more melatonin equals better sleep quality. These blue-blocking glasses are perfect if you watch television or look at a computer screen during the evening. If you have your lights on at night, we also recommend wearing these glasses. These are available in both original, fit-over, and stylish models. Nocturnal Red lenses block all light wavelengths of blue and green up to 570nm. These are the wavelengths shown to most affect our internal clock, lower melatonin levels alter our sleep/wake cycle. They not only block blue light but also all green light.

      Why block green light as well?
      Research now shows the green light emitted by modern electronic devices and light bulbs is also contributing to suppressing melatonin levels at night. Our orange-tinted glasses dramatically improve your melatonin production levels, the red lenses simply increase this even further. We have these available in our premium nightfall frames, Elite aluminium frames and fitover nightfall models. ScreenTime Premium Day glasses  are specifically designed for those spending significant time during the day in front of screens. They feature our specialised ClearBlue lens, designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, and all other artificial light sources. These glasses filter over 50% of blue light across all of the blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm) to alleviate digital eye strain, sore and tired eyes, headaches/ migraines, and blurred vision from both screen time and bright LED or fluorescent lighting in the work place.

      Why are there similar blue blocking glasses that are a lot more expensive than BlockBlueLight’s?
      Don't be fooled: many of the more expensive products on the market are simply overpriced and nowhere near as effective. A higher price does not equal a better product! We have found there are now many companies offering glasses which are very focused on providing trendy and fashionable frames. The issue with these is they allow light to enter the eyes from the sides of the glasses which renders the glasses ineffective; you may look good but you're still not blocking the harmful light from entering your eyes. The other issue is  being fashionable and trendy comes at a much higher price, but its does not actually do a better job! We design our glasses to wrap around the face so there is no light leakage, meaning no harmful blue light enters the eyes at all. This makes them both the best value and most effective glasses on the market. Don't waste your money on trying to look good as it's not going to improve your sleep! Make sure you have a good wrap around fit with a lens designed to block thee full spectrum of harmful light. BlockBlueLight is the worldwide leader in blue light blocking products. Our lighting products and glasses are scientifically designed, manufactured to the highest standards, and laboratory tested to ensure they eliminate the full spectrum of blue light wavelengths that suppress melatonin production. 

      When should I wear my Block Blue Light nighttime sleep glasses?
      Once the sun has set and your being exposed to any artificial light source we strongly recommend wearing  BlockBlueLight  Nighttime Glasses (either the Nocturnal Red or SunDown Amber lenes).  These glasses should stay on from the point of sunset up until going to bed. This will ensure maximum melatonin release which will then ensure you obtain deep and restful sleep

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Great glasses for blocking blue light. Much easier to go to sleep at night and feelings of tiredness are more pronounced.


    Comfortable to wear and great fit.. would recommend

    Quality Glasses!

    I have bought the elite glasses and they do exactly what promised in the listing...before your bed time these pair of glasses (elite) are perfect. They are good quality, and also comfortable to wear. I did my research and I couldn't find better quality to buy here in Australia.

    Calm before bed

    Going got bed a lot less stimulated than before, which has resulted in better sleep and feeling refreshed the following morning