A Buyers Guide: Blushield EMF protection device in Australia

Blushield Devices are designed to safeguard users from the potentially negative health effects of man-made electromagnetic fields in our environment. Some of these man made electromagnetic fields include smart meters, mobile phones, WIFI, 3G, 4G and 5G. With this in mind, Blushield has designed devices offering different levels of protection depending on a persons exposure levels. This article is designed to be used as a guide in deciding which Blushield device is most suited to your unique situation. Blushield technology is designed in New Zealand and has undergone several upgrades over the past 30 years to become the most advanced and user specific EMF protection available anywhere in the world.

Which Blushield Model is right for me?

There are three types of Blushield EMF protection devices available: Home units, Portable Units and Automobile Units. There are five different home units available in the Blushield Range: The Tesla Plugin, Tesla Cube, Tesla Ultra, Premium Cube and Premium Ultra. There are varying strengths of EMF protection offered by these home units, and the one you pick should fall in line with how strong the EMFs are that your home is currently exposed to.

The portable and Auto units run on battery power, instead of needing to be plugged in to a power socket. Existing options for the Portable models are the Premium Portable model and the Blushield Tesla Gold Series Portable Model. These portable models are designed to be carried with you while you go about your day to protect your body against harmful EMF attacks while you are away from your home or other designated safe spaces. The Blushield Auto option is a new device to protect you while you are in your car, this isn’t necessary for everyone, but is extremely useful if you frequently go for long drives, or if you are EHS sensitive.  Now let’s explore the different models, and which is most suited to your own unique situation.

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Blushield Home Units

Currently, there are five home units to consider. Each unit gives different EMF radiation protection. From the lowest to the highest in terms of strength and EMF radiation protection, the five units are the Tesla Plugin, Tesla Cube, Premium Cube, Tesla Ultra and Premium Ultra. The amount of EMF protection that you require for your home will determine which unit to go for.

Things that you should consider when determining which unit to get include the number and strength of Phone/WIFI signals around you, the number of antennas within a 2-mile radius from your home, and the source of electricity in your home. You should also consider the different appliances in your home such as the baby monitors, wireless doorbells, and other smart devices. The more EMF radiation around you, the stronger the Blushield EMF device you should consider getting.

5G Phone Tower

Blushield Tesla Gold Plugin

If you have less than 8 cell towers within a 2-mile radius from your home then you should opt for the Tesla Gold Series Plugin model for your mobile phone radiation protection needs. The plugin model will give you EMF protection for your home for 45 meters in every direction. We recommend that you place your plugin in a central room in your home instead of the bedroom, so that more of your house is protected.

Blushield Tesla Cube & Premium Cube

If you have more than 8 cell towers to worry about then you should consider going for the Tesla Gold Series Cube. This model has twice the strength of the Plugin and will comfortably cover a radius of up to 90 meters in all directions. If you currently only need to worry about less than 8 cell towers but anticipate more to come your way in the future, then you should still opt for the Tesla Cube as your EMF blocker. The good news is that Blushield devices are capable of providing you with years worth of protection, which is why we suggest you think about any EMF that your home may be exposed to in the future, when making a purchase decision.
4G and 5G Cell Tower Australia

Example of 4G and 5G Cellular Telecommunication Tower

What is the difference between the Tesla Cube and the Premium Cube?

Currently, there are two Blushield Cube versions to choose from. You can go for the original Tesla Gold Series Cube version which is made from ABS plastic or you can opt for the Premium Cube version which is made from carbon black alloy. In terms of material, the Premium Cube is heavier and more durable. Both units emit the same standard Blushield waveform, but this does not make them the same. In addition to the protection that the Tesla Cube provides, the Premium Cube is designed with an additional microprocessor which emits the same continuous Phi ratio patterns as the Premium Ultra. This is the point of difference between the Tesla and Premium Series, and is a cutting edge Blushield development. This feature has been added to the premium cube, as a way to counteract the increase in electromagnetic frequencies due to new technologies currently being rolled out around Australia. 

Blushield Tesla Ultra & Premium Ultra

You should consider the Ultra model if you live in a densely populated urban area such as a large city. In such areas, you can expect to find dozens of cell towers within a 2-mile radius from your home. That is a lot of exposure. The Tesla Gold Series Ultra has 90-meter coverage in all directions and is four times stronger than the Tesla Plugin. It is also twice as strong as the Cube! This unit will give you great phone radiation protection, even if you have over 80 cell towers within a 2-mile radius to worry about.

With the rollout of the next phase of contentious wireless technology across Australia and much of the world, Blushield has released the Premium Ultra unit. It is comparable to the Ultra model but with an added benefit of a constant output of Phi ratio patterns. This constant output will help dispel the intensity of these new WIFI frequencies.  As such, it is a good option for those living in an EMF rich environment or one that is soon getting the latest WIFI coverage.

Blushield Portable Units

At the moment, there are two portable units to choose from. Both models are battery-powered. Both are compact and lightweight and both function in a very similar manner. They are great to have around in those times when you will be away from your main home device for a short period of time.

These units can be carried around in your backpack or purse as long as they are not allowed to get dirty thus affecting their functionality. Let’s have a look at the Blushield portable units plus their similarities and differences to help you pick the right one.

The Blushield Tesla Gold Series Portable unit comes with a 300 mAh battery and is encased in a white ABS plastic case. Its battery will take you 30 days before needing a recharge. It makes use of a USB charging cable and has coverage of 3 meters in all directions. You won’t have to worry about your unit getting dented from physical impacts thanks to the ABS material. You also won’t also have to worry about corrosive chemicals destroying it.

The Blushield Premium Portable on the other hand makes use of a 500mAH battery and is two times stronger than the original portable device.  Its battery life is also twice as much (60 days) as the original model. The case is made from black carbon alloy and has 5-meter coverage in all directions. It makes use of a USB-C charging cable for recharging the battery.

Blushield Auto Unit

If you spend a lot of time in your car then you should consider the Tesla Gold Series Auto unit. Its strength is less than the home units but is higher than the portable one. It plugs into the cigarette lighter (12 volts) in your car and has a coverage radius of 15 meters in all directions. The benefit of this, is that is stops the shock associated with moving from one protected area to another, that is often experienced if one is not protected from EMF at all times. You should consider a Blushield Auto Unit if you spend large amounts of time in your car, and would rather not worry about carrying a portable unit with your during all of these trips. 

5G Cell Tower

Example of 4G and 5G Cellular Telecommunication Tower

The increasing need for a Blushield Protection Device in Australia At This Time

Ideally, you should consider investing in several EMF protection devices. If money allows, you can consider going for both the home unit and the portable one. If this is not within your budget, then you should consider investing in a home unit. We always recommend this first, since more time is spent in the home than anywhere else. The size of the home unit that you select will depend on the size of your house and also the proximity of any nearby cell towers of smart meters. We recommend you opt for the plugin if you live in a small house, the cube if you live in a medium to large house, and the premium models if you are in the city, or very close to a cell tower. If, like many, you are concerned regarding the increase in electromagnetic frequencies currently occurring across Australia via the rollout of 5G, then a Blushield device is a wonderful solution to help put your mind at ease.

What does Blushield Protect Against?

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Safe For:

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Blushield Devices Available:

Blushield Premium Series

Premium Portable
Premium Cube
Premium Ultra

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Blushield Tesla Gold Series

Tesla Gold Series Portable
Tesla Gold Series Plugin
Tesla Gold Series Cube
Tesla Gold Series Ultra
Tesla Gold Series Auto

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Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health condition.