A Comprehensive Guide to Drinking Natural Spring Water


Spring water can refer to a number of different water sources. These include water from melted glacial ice, natural aquifers, reservoirs and even streams that flow beneath the earth, and can bubble up to the surface in certain places. A good policy is to drink a range of these different spring water sources, since they can all impart benefits. Most spring water has been evaporated from the earth and is in this way distilled. Then it has fallen to the earth and been mineralised and filtered by passing through layers of rock and soil. This is often why spring water is touted as holding the key to life, in the form of minerals that are picked up during this mineralization process. This is a key difference between spring water and other water types, that are often dehydrating and don’t provide the same beneficial minerals as spring water.

Finding A Nature Spring Near Me?

Find a Spring is a free online resource, that provides all known natural springs near your location, anywhere in the world. This information is particularly useful if you live in Australia, given that there isn’t a lot of public knowledge regarding natural spring water sources. Please don’t despair if there are no springs listed in your local area, there are plenty of springs that aren’t yet listed on the website, and there are new springs being added all the time. Once you’ve found a spring that is near your location, be sure to properly test the water to ensure that it is free from contaminants and toxicity. Another alternative to this is to have your spring water delivered. This obviously relies on there being someone that offers this service in your area.  

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What are the Advantages of drinking natural Spring Water?

Natural Spring water is the holy grail when it comes to water sources. If you comb the internet, you’ll find countless tales of the healing power of this magical substance. The main advantages of deep spring mineral water, compared with other forms, is that it often hydrates the body well, and if it is quality water, also is very low in toxic metals, chemicals and pathogens (such as virus, bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms). It is also filtered in ways that are extremely hard for humans to replicate. A huge benefit of spring water, is that natural spring water often contains essential trace minerals that are very hard to obtain from other food sources. The human body needs these trace minerals today more than ever, given that our soils and food suppliers are so depleted of these essential minerals.

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What are the disadvantages of Deep Spring Mineral Water?

If you are purchasing your spring water in a bottle from the shop than cost can be a sticking point. Generally good quality spring water is fairly expensive, and this is one of reasons it makes sense to source your own. Another issue is that is usually comes in plastic bottles which isn’t great for the environment. When sourcing spring water from a spring, the disadvantages generally revolve around the waters purity and safety. This can be solved by testing the water regularly for purity and presence of toxins, or from sourcing your water from a trusted source. The best bottled water brands are those that are transparent about the source of their water, and of course don't add anything or alter the spring water in any way. 

When is a Water Filter or Water Purifier appropriate?

Natural Spring Water is what you should strive for when it comes to your drinking water. That being said, sometimes natural spring water isn’t readily available, and it pays to have another form of health promoting water available as a backup. This is when a bench top water filter or countertop water filter makes a lot of sense. A good quality counter-top water filter will remove 99.9% of tap water pollutants such as fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and other pharmaceuticals to find a way to in our water ways. Some of the more advanced home water filters will even add beneficial minerals back in to the water, while removing contaminants giving a very similar end product, to natural spring water that is naturally filtered via nature. It’s worth noting that some of the more popular water filters available on the Australian market, don’t actually filter chlorine or fluoride out of the water, so it definitely pays to do your research and purchase a quality water purifier that you can really rely on. If you are really serious about removing chlorine and fluoride from your water, then it might be worth considering a shower water filter, or whole house filter as well.

What about Reverse Osmosis Water (RO water)?

You may be wondering if Reverse Osmosis Water is a healthy alternative to spring water. RO systems & distilled water are fantastic for removing pollutants from contaminated water supplies. Unfortunately during this process they also strip all of the beneficial minerals from the water also. This means that while RO or reverse osmosis water may be free from contaminants, it is also free from the health promoting minerals that are so important in hydrating the body at a cellular level. This is why many people experience feelings of dehydration when they are strictly drinking RO water. Remember that nature very rarely makes mistakes, and the addition of minerals in spring water that are added via the mineralization of water passing through layers of rock, is very important for both the mineral content or the water, as well as the more esoteric and energetic properties of the water itself. It is for this reason that we recommend spring water as the best source of water available in Australia (or anywhere in the world), along with a high quality bench top water filter, for situations where natural spring water isn't readily available. Drinking RO water, or Reverse Osmosis Water, could be useful as a short term measure to assist the body with detoxification, but should not be relied on as a long term water source. 

Why Natural Spring Water is the Best Water For Health & Longevity

If you've made it this far, you should now be convinced that natural spring water is the best choice for daily drinking water. This is due to the beneficial minerals that can be found in natural spring water, and also due to the energetic properties that are imparted from the water itself. While spring water may not always be available to everyone, it should be your first preference when available, and a good quality water filter, that puts beneficial minerals back in the water, offers a great back up for when spring water simply isn't feasible. The best part about sourcing natural spring water from a nearby spring, is that the mere process of going to the spring and bottling our own water cultivates other healthy habits. It get's you out of the house, in to nature, and connects you with what's really important. It's important that we keep this connection with nature strong, especially given the rate that the planet is being polluted from those who aren't as conscious. Got a favourite spring that you'd love to share with us? Drop us a comment below, we'd love to hear all about it.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health condition. Please make sure necessary safety precautions are taken before sourcing or drinking your own spring water.