A Buyers Guide: Kuvings Cold Press Juicer

Wanting to purchase a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer but not sure where to start? We can help. Everybody's juicing requirements are different, and we have assembled this buying guide to help you determine the Kuvings Juicer that's right for you. 

Asian Lady Using Cold Press Juicer to Make Delicious Cold Press Juice

Major Types of Kuvings Cold Press Juicers

Basically, there are 4 Ranges. We compare the pros and cons of these models in our next sections below.

Professional Range

Enjoy a cup of juice daily that contains very little pulp with professional Kuvings blenders and juicers. These models are designed for serious juicers, who like to include juicing in their daily routine.

Evolution Range

The evolutional category of juicing machines produces silky smooth juice with almost no pulp. These models are even more advanced than the Professional Kuvings range, and offer everything from cold press juice, smoothies and even nut milks.

Commercial Range

Our Kuvings commercial juicers are designed for heavy duty continuous commercial usage (think cafes of restaurants). These are designed for ease of use and to provide maximum juice yields for customers.

Domestic Range

Domestic range juicers from Kuvings produce are designed for those just dipping their toes in to the world of cold press juicing. These can produce more pulp, especially when pressing more fibrous veggies or fruits.


Kuvings Professional Juicers are great all round cold press juicing machines, that sit above the domestic range, and below the evolution range of juicers. They produce juice that contains less pulp than the domestic models, and they are quick to clean. They come in different colour shades and offer an impressive sleek design, that will look good on any kitchen counter top.

The C6500 & C7000 models allow the pusher to force whole fruit past the feeding chute's safety gate. On the other hand, the E8000 comes with a reverse door cover for fast complete fruit feeding. These juicers are designed to last for up to 45 minutes of constant juicing, which is extremely impressive for a non commercial juicer. They run more quietly than the domestic models, and are a great choice for somebody that knows they like to juice fairly regularly, but doesn't require the additional features that the evolution series provides.

Cold Press Juice in Glasses Orange Apple Tomato Pineapple Carrot

Our Recommended Choice: The C7000 Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer

If you are looking for a professional Kuvings Juicer, the C7000 is extremely hard to beat, and is our recommended choice to consumers at this time.

The professional Kuvings C7000 Cold Press Juicing machine offers 3 systems in 1. It can be used to create fresh cold press juice, ice-cream and smoothies. This is a point of difference between the C7000 and other Kuvings Professional Juicers, and makes this model an attractive option for any household. 

This model has also been specifically designed with a wider mouth compared to previous models. This ensures that less time is spent cutting fresh produce prior to putting them in the juicer, and is a massive time saver. This feature is a must for anybody that values time as a commodity, and wants to make fresh health promoting juice as efficiently as possible.
For the C7000, Kuvings have developed a new auger that can crush and press whole fruit easily. Other improvements to the model include a deep gap at the bottom of the auger that limits the pulp produced, and improves the total juice yield.

The rotating cleaning brush along with juice strainer, allow for easy clean up, and again saves valuable time. This model also comes in as less expensive than the E8000 Professional Model and the C6500 Professional model, making it the cheapest of our Professional Juicers. It is for these reasons that this juicer is our recommended juicer of choice for those considering a professional juicer. 

C7000 Features

  • This is a Cold Pressed Juicer 50 RPM model.
  • It’s 400 ml Bowl capacity can hold enough juice.
  • The wide 75 mm Feeding Chute makes it ideal for professionals.
  • The 240-Watt motor makes it a reliable juicing partner.
  • Order yours from in Silver, Black, to Grey
  • Light; weighing around 6.9 kg
  • Kuvings C7000 comes with Sorbet / Smoothie maker.
  • This version allows for up to 45 mins of continuous usage.
  • The machine features Maxi-strainer with less pulp.
Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer Black

C6500 Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer

The new Kuvings C6500 Advanced Cold Press Juicer model replaces the old Domestic Juicer B6000.

It has an upgraded topset, and produces fine smooth juice with minimal pulp, thanks to the Updated Maxi-strainer.

The C6500 has a luxurious elegant style with cleaning brushes included, making the unit simple and easy to clean. The C6500 model is designed to run quietly, allowing the user to juice at any time day or night, without fear of waking up the household. 

Finally, this model comes with a 10-year engine warranty and a 5-year domestic parts warranty. 

C6500 Features

  • One of our top Cold Pressed Juicers at 52 RPM
  • A 400 ml Bowl Capacity for just enough juice.
  • The 75 mm Feeding Chute is wide enough for different produce, saving you prep time.
  • The 240-Watt motor ensures your juicer can break any fruit or veggies.
  • Experience the Maxi-strainer with less pulp
  • Good juicing machine that runs for over 45 mins of continuous usage
  • It's portable (Weight 6.9 kg) 

E8000 Kuvings Professional Cold Press Juicer

The E8000 Juicer by Kuvings ensures freshness for your juice, with a machine that reduces the chance of nutrients lost during the juicing process. This Kuvings juicer is the perfect fit for those wishing to enjoy natural health promoting drinks and juices, that provide maximum nutrition. 

Another good aspect of the Kuvings E8000 juicer is the optional smoothie and sorbet maker attachment. This makes this model the ideal selection for those looking to make smoothies or desserts for family or friends. 

The juicer has a quiet operation, with the working noise level low enough that you have a happy and peaceful experience of fresh juices.

For quick and fresh Juicing, it also has a large feeding chute. The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer's special wider feeding chute also enables juicing whole fruits and vegetables without cutting. 

More comfortable and easier. The new flip-door is broader than the existing models for easier juicing and has a single feeding entrance that allows easy juicing.

The Kuvings E8000 has a pit at the lower part, which reduces extract pulp and produces more juice, unlike the existing vase. Not only does it forcefully squeeze whole components, but it also smoothly releases pulp in the drum to enhance the quantity of juice.

The Kuvings E8000 Silver Smart Cap has a chrome-based handle and now has a good grip and enhanced user convenience design. You can make better and lighter natural juice with such a practical juice cap.

E8000 Features

  • Optional Smoothie & Sorbet Maker attachment
  • E8000 represents a Cold Pressed Juicer 50 RPM
  • It's reliable with a wide 82 mm Flip Gate Chute
  • It’s available in many colors (Red, Black, Silver, White, Matt Black)
  • The E8000 has a 400 ml Bowl Capacity.
  • The machine features a 5th Gen Maxi-strainer with no pulp in the juice.
  • It let you experience up to 45 minutes of continuous usage.
  • E8000 juicers Weigh about 6.6 kg
  • Powerful 240 Watt Motor 


Kuvings Evolution Models are the Highest-Level Cold Press Juicers available. These machines offer little or no pulp, are very user friendly and offer massive juice yields. For those that treat juicing as a way of life, especially health enthusiasts, we recommend going with an Evolution Kuvings Juicer.

Our Recommended Choice: EVO820 Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer  

The next evolution of cold press juicing has arrived, with the Kuvings EVO820 offering the best of the best in cold press juicing. This model has a stylish leather pattern and an elegant, luxurious body. Juicers are normally hidden away in cupboards when not in use, but the Evolution is meant to be on full display. It has a textured, gunmetal, red, or silver lining with a smoky, BPA-free feed chute instead of the usual glittery or metal finish.

It is driven by a rear switch, which doubles to clear clamps in the opposite direction. There is an integral handle that makes moving it easy when necessary. The 82mm large feed chute is another promising concept for the EVO820. It is the largest Kuvings juicer to date which results in less preparation time and a smart basket design – ideal for sweeter ingredients, such as berries or oranges.

All of this is tamed before the pulp gets thrown out of one sputum by the juicing screw and strained while the juices flow from the other. A detachable "smart cap" can be locked on the juicing spout to mix the input or avoid drops on the work surface. 

EVO820 Features

  • EVO820 is a Cold Pressed Juicer 50 RPM
  • The juicing system has a Wide 82 mm flip gate.
  • It features the Latest 5th Generation Drum.
  • Order the juicer in various colors (black, dark grey, silver, red, white, gold and rose)
  • It can make fine Juice with little to no pulp in the juice.
  • The tool can serve for up to an hour of continuous usage.
  • It's ideal for both Domestic and Commercial Use.
  • It is mobile with a weight of 7.1 kg.
  • EVO820 juicers have a 240-Watt motor 
Kuvings EVO820 Red Cold Press Juicer

Motiv1 Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Juicer

The Kuvings motive1 HealthFriend, is one of the world's smartest juicers. This smart Juicer, which was unveiled across the country in Jan 2019, reads all your body parameters, like body weight, fat percent, water percentage. Now you have a personal assistant with Kuvings to help you achieve your daily health objectives. Kuvings stay healthy and motivated.

Motiv1, for reading body measurements, uses the BIA technique. A complete report is shown in the app that shows your deviation from the recommended levels.

The Kuvings Smart Juicer App offers juices and the right position and helpful exercises for you.

Juice, green leafy veggies, and use a juice strainer to make vegan nut milk. You receive smoothie and sorbet attachment to produce thick shakes from frozen fruit and healthy desserts.

Motiv1 is stylishly designed and consolidated with satellite gears, broadest body for fruit insertion, silicone-free juicing bowl, long augmentation for faster juicing, and child safety mechanisms.

Motiv1 Features

  • It's a Cold Pressed Juicer 60 RPM
  • The 240-Watt motor makes it a powerful juicer.
  • It has a wide 82mm Flip Gate.
  • The system includes the latest 5th Generation Drum.
  • It has an in-built Bluetooth Body sensor.
  • Use it to create Fine Juice with little to no pulp.
  • It has a weight of 7.1 kg.
  • Enjoy up to an hour of continuous use. 


The commercial versions are suitable for the commercial use of kitchens, large families, or serious chefs at home. They have a refrigeration system designed to allow for 24 hours on end, greater capacity for a bowl of juice, a bigger juice press, and an engine with little or no juice pulp. In general, this model can produce juiced juices of between 40 and 60 litres an hour (300 apples).  

CS600 Kuvings Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The commercial blending juicers give chefs and caterers the advantages of steady, cold press juicing.

The Largest feeding chute with an 88mm flip gate is still a commercial cold Press Juicer. This is the Strongest Brush-less Engine in the world compared to other models.

Moreover, Smart Juice Cap and rotating Cleaning Brush are easy to clean systems. It is also among the only Kuvings brand pressed Cold juicing systems that can produce more than 30 litres of juice in an hour.

A feature that adds extra strength to the juicer is a stainless-steel chassis.

CS600 Features

  • 500 ml Bowl Capacity
  • Cold Pressed Juicer 50 RPM
  • The machine comes with a Wide 88mm Flip Gate
  • The model is available in Silver only.
  • Use it to produce fine Juice with less pulp.
  • All-day continuous use
  • The juicer weighs 9.1kg.
  • Also, features a 200-Watt motor.

CS700 Kuvings Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The latest Kuvings Commercial Juicer, the CS700 is designed to provide maximum juice yields, and shorter prep times, thanks to adjustments made on the prior commercial models.

With the proprietary JMCS squeezing technology, the fruit and vegetable juices and nut milk can be collected healthy and soft.

Kuvings juicers produce less noise and vibration with their built-in silent nature and their slow-turning, special deceleration engine.

Kuvings has developed a new CS700 auger that can crush and press a full fruit again quickly.

Other improvements to the design include a deep bottom recess, reducing the pulp, and producing a higher yield in the extract. The deep hole on the ground lowers more of the pulp in the extract, thereby allowing more juice than the previous screw.

In addition to pressing whole ingredients firmly, the new screw discharges pulp effortlessly into the drum to maximize jus volume. 

CS700 Features

  • Cold Pressed Juicer 50 RPM
  • It includes a stainless-Steel Bowl (500 ml)
  • The juicer has the widest 88 mm Flip Gate
  • 200-Watt motor
  • Available in Silver only
  • It has a weight of 9.1 kg
  • It lets you enjoy fine Juice with no pulp
  • 24 hrs. continuous use


The domestic models are Cold Press Juice Entry Level machines. You must slice up the vegetables and feed the system slower than the models above, and there will be slightly more pulp produced. These juicers are not ideal for those making a lot of juice, but are fantastic for beginners, or those with minimal to moderate juicing requirements.  

E6000 Kuvings Domestic Cold Press Juicer

The Kuvings E6000 Cold Press Juicer's 82mm wider feeding pit (wider than previous models) helps you simplify the juicing process, since you don’t have to cut the produce as finely prior to putting in to the juicer.

The Juice yield is also optimized; and the pulp reduced. Thanks to the moderately tailored squeezing technique, you get more juice yield through the E6000 Juicer.

The Kuvings E6000 Juicer's working noise level gives you a relaxed and quiet feeling to maximize the fresh juice.

Juicing whole fruits and vegetables is nutrient-dense, reducing the depletion of nutrients and oxidation during the destruction of cell walls.

AC induction engine developed in-house high-performance engine ensures good output. The 240W high-performance engine runs softly and can deal with tougher vegetables.

The flip door mechanism is meant to prevent the tiny hands of children from approaching a chute. That also means that a pusher should not drive ingredients. Excellent for those with less wrist power.

E6000 Features

  • Much Bigger “O” shape flip gate style chute (like our commercial juicers)
  • Allows you to put larger ingredients without cutting. Less cutting means faster and more convenient juicing.
  • Easy Clean with the green cleaning brush included
  • Quiet, slow cold press juicing
  • 20-year warranty on the motor
  • 5 years on parts for domestic use

Our Recommended Choice: B8000 Kuvings Domestic Cold Press Juicer

The B8000 Kuvings Domestic Cold Press Juicer produces 100% pure juices, smoothies, and nut milk with full nutrient content. It features slow-rotating masticating technology, typical of a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer.

It's a great juicer with a luxurious, trendy Australian Style. It's easy to scrub, with washing brushes allowing for easy clean up.

Initially, this long and narrow part cuts off the ingredients and guides to the lower part. ULTEM is a safe, sustainable, long-lasting substance often used for aviation and medical equipment uses.

Once it is moved downward, the larger section squeezes the components against the strainer. The room between the strainer wall and the juicing screw slims to the rim. This configuration, combined with a very powerful motor, assures the best efficiency.

B8000 Features

  • This a Cold Pressed Juicer 54 RPM
  • Free Sorbet Maker Included (value $49)
  • The B8000 cold press juicer has a 75 mm Feeding Chute.
  • With a 400-ml Bowl Capacity, you can mix a variety of ingredients.
  • The juicer features Sorbet Maker.
  • With a weight of 6.4 kg, you can move the B8000 easily.
  • It can run for up to 30 mins of continuous use.
  • The 240-Watt motor can press even the tough materials.
Kuvings B8000 Domestic Cold Press Juicer Grey