Your Guide to Buying an Infrared Sauna in Australia

What is an Infrared Sauna?

The key difference between an Infrared Sauna and Traditional Sauna is the air temperature. In a traditional sauna the air is extremely hot, soo hot that you start to perspire after just a few moments of entering the Sauna. With an infrared sauna, the air actually remains the same temperature, it won’t heat up at all. Instead infrared light emitted from the sauna will actually heat the human body, without heating the air around it. This is the predominant difference in user experience between a traditional and infrared sauna experience. The more comfortable environment associated with the infrared Sauna (you still sweat) is one of the reasons for the dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years. This comfortable experience, coupled with scientific evidence that is now being released proving the efficacy of infrared saunas to achieve health outcomes, make them a must have for many health conscious and fitness focused people. Now let's work through a guide to buying an Infrared Sauna in Australia 

Infrared Sauna Australia

Finding a Infrared Sauna Near Me?

When it comes to purchasing an infrared sauna you have two options. Either you can purchase from a local store, or you can purchase online. Let’s explore the pro’s and cons of each approach. Buying in a local store is great because you can see the sauna in person and talk to the shop assistant about the features. This sadly isn’t possible in certain parts of Australia currently due to the lockdown restrictions. The disadvantages from this method is you are limited to the saunas that are available through your local reseller, and perhaps may be missing the model most suited to you, because your local store doesn’t stock it.

Buy online also presents benefits and disadvantages. The benefit is that you are free to explore many different options online and find the model that best suits your needs. Online also provides a ton of information regarding different saunas and their benefits, which can be useful also. The cons of buying online is often the product is shipped from China, and an inferior quality wood to locally designed and manufactured models. The also can come with shipping costs, and can be difficult to assemble when you receive them in a flat pack etc. We sell iHealth Saunas that come with free shipping and Installation. Our Saunas are designed in Australia and manufactured by a local Australian business that has been producing infrared saunas for Australians for 18 Years. Our Lite Range is a great place to start, since they are fairly low on the authentic infrared sauna price range, while providing all of the health benefits. We send out professional installers to correctly set up the sauna in your home, free of charge. 

Infrared Sauna Benefits

The benefits from using an infrared sauna are myriad in number. Firstly, you sweat without the effort. Sweating in the human body and raising the heart rate has a number of associated health benefits, this is after all one of the core reasons that exercise is so good for us! The reason sweating from infrared light is so beneficial, is the infrared light emitted from the sauna actually penetrates the body tissue deeply, meaning that the sweat is actually enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process, hence why so many people associate sauna use with detox! Another reported benefit is the alleviation of muscle soreness after exercise, and also enhanced recovery in the body from exercise. It’s for this reason that many top athletes and professional sportsman are turning to infrared saunas to give their body an additional edge with their competitors. 

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Far Infrared Sauna Explained

“Far” refers to the light spectrum and where the infrared rays fall on this spectrum. The light rays consist of a wavelength that is comparable to those released naturally by the human body. Far Infrared Saunas put out a very high frequency energy, somewhere in the range of 3 – 10 micros. Far Infrared Light while popular with some healing experts, are sometimes less popular since they emit EMF frequencies. This really depends on the individual using the unit however, and if they want or need to limit their exposure to EMF. Some Far Infrared Saunas have developed ways to minimize EMF exposure to their users, while some haven’t felt the need.

Near Infrared Sauna Explained

Near Infrared Saunas combine light and heat therapy, making it quite a unique healing modality. While Far Infrared Light is more popular, there is some evidence to suggest that Near infrared light may be the preferred method if trying to achieve a therapeutic dose from the sauna. This has seen a rise in Near Infrared Sauna’s and in particular Portable Near Infrared Saunas. The light from Near Infrared Light can penetrate the body up to 9 inches, additionally Near Infrared Saunas typically emit less EMF compared with Far Infrared Saunas. Like Far Infrared Saunas, Near Infrared Saunas allow the air to stay cool, while still heating the body. Making both types preferable to traditional saunas, for those looking to sweat in a comfortable environment.

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Infrared Sauna Dangers

Infrared Saunas are typically well tolerated by most users. It is however wise to always check with a medical professional prior to engaging in sauna use, if you have a preexisting health condition, or any other reason to suspect there may be an issue. It’s also wise to be safe when using a Sauna, and operate it with the use of a buddy system, especially for users that are new to infrared and not sure how their bodies will react. The other thing to note is that using an infrared sauna on the daily, can cause healing reactions in some people. These are usually fairly minor, but it’s good to be aware that infrared light can mobilize toxins and heavy metals for elimination in the body. This is really a great thing when you think about it, and shows how powerful infrared light can be in healing the body. It’s also been reported that some users have experienced flashbacks from drugs that they have taken in the past, while in the Sauna.  This is because the infrared light has a detoxifying effect on the body and can mobile toxins lodged in the tissue, and release these in to the blood stream. This is quite rare, and can only occur if you have a history of recreational drug use In the past.

Infrared Sauna Benefits and Disadvantages

Let’s look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of infrared Saunas. The main benefits are that you are able to sit in a sauna where the air temperature doesn’t change. This makes for a much more pleasant experience compared with a traditional sauna, since you are able to read a book, listen to music, or even watch some Netflix while you sweat. The other major benefit is that you get the therapeutic benefit of heat and light therapy. This again differs from traditional saunas in that the infrared light is able to penetrate the tissue deeply, and induces a detoxifying and relaxing state in the body. The body has been known to switch in to Parasympathetic dominance, which is basically a state of relaxation and healing. This is why people who regularly use infrared light will often report that they feel more relaxed after a session. They also report feeling clearer in the mind, since they have sweated out a lot of the toxins in their body

Disadvantages of Infrared Light are that it is a newer technology and therefore less understood compared with traditional saunas. This means there is less scientific research on its application since it hasn’t been around as long as traditional saunas. This will change in the future as more people are gravitated to infrared light, and more studies are done proving it’s efficacy. For now it’s a great secret to add to the toolkit!

Where to Buy Infrared Sauna

Wondering where you can find an Infrared Sauna for sale? If you are interested in purchasing online then we recommend you go through Elite Detox. We only work with Australian Suppliers, meaning that we don’t sell Chinese knockoffs or inauthentic infrared Saunas. While you may find cheaper models elsewhere, the quality generally isn’t as good, the warranties aren’t as good, and they won’t provide adequate support for any questions you may have. We find its better to go with a quality product that you know will perform how to want it to. This will save you money in the long run, if you are committed to incorporating Infrared therapy in to your life.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health condition. Please speak with a health professional before using an infrared sauna. 

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