Grounding: the benefits of connecting to the Earth

Grounding is a special way that each each of us can find our own personal relationship with the earth. Spending time in nature and feeling everything that the environment has to give us is something truly inspiring and unique. Grounding refers to the transfer of energy from the earth in to the physical body through the feet. Getting close to the earth can be done in many different ways, with a large majority of people spending time in nature for lots of different kinds of reasons. These people might be surprised to learn that what they are actually doing, although obliviously, is performing the ancient art of earthing, also commonly referred to as grounding. 

There are many different kinds of products that can help those willing to connect to the earth. These types of products are unique in their nature, specially designed and created to allow you to feel the benefits of the earth itself. But what are the benefits of grounding? To better understand the entire process of earthing and how earthing products might helpful along the way, it is necessary to define and explain the meaning of the word.

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What is grounding / earthing?

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing different activities that ground or electrically reconnect you to the Earth. This practice relies on earthing science and physics to explain how electrical charges from the Earth can have positive effects on the body. According to many researches, grounding is closely connected in helping health issues like inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain, and mood. The central theory of this process is that the grounding affects the living matrix that is the connector between the living cells.

Types of grounding and its benefits

Since this is a popular subject for those willing to experience something new, there are many different types of grounding. Each of them puts the focus on reconnection with your inner self and to the earth. This is mainly done through direct or indirect contact with the earth. Here are some most popular types of grounding and the benefits that come from them.

Barefoot walking

One of the easiest ways to ground yourself to the earth is to walk barefoot. Whether that is done on grass, sand, or even in the mud, barefoot grounding allows the skin to touch the natural ground. By doing this, the body and the mind are provided with grounding energy. 

Lying on the ground

Just like walking barefoot, lying on the ground is another excellent way to connect to the earth. This comes from increased skin-to-earth contact and it can easily be done by lying in the grass or on the sand. Doing this must be done carefully, on a ground that will not injure you.

Submersing in water

Water is known to have a highly beneficial effect on the body and the mind too. In terms of grounding, it can be used in the same way the earth is used for physical grounding. Wading in a lake or swimming in the ocean is an excellent way to ground yourself.

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of practicing the process of grounding. Many of them have even been suggested to improve a range of different conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease.

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What type of grounding equipment do I need?

When grounding outside is not a possible option, there are many grounding products that can be used as an alternative. Some of these products include grounding mats, grounding sheets or blankets, grounding yoga mats and grounding pillows. 

Earthing Underlay Sleeping Mat

For those of you wanting to experience the entire process of earthing from the comfortability of your bed and mattress, then, this is the mat that will help you with that. This mat is designed to come as an addition to the mattress that you already sleep on and it can be easily attached to it. What makes it so functional is that its surface is 100% conductive.

Earthing Universal Mat

This is a type of kit that can be used almost everywhere. As it is used to connect to the mother earth's supply of antioxidant production electrons, it discharges electrical stress and restores the body to its natural state to facilitate homeostasis and self-healing. It comes with a cord and charger and it can be placed underneath you while you are working on the computer, watch TV, have a meal and so on. 

Earthing sheets

At our store, you will find several different types of sheets that come in natural colors and 100% cotton. They are soft and durable with silver fibers that are woven through the material. They come with a cord and a charger. Sleeping on these sheets is better, reduces stress, and relieves pain and inflammation.

All of these products contain and provide different grounding benefits, that many people find truly beneficial and healing. By practicing earthing or grounding, the body and the mind receive the needed energy that is coming directly from the core of mother earth. Those who have tried this process are more than satisfied and feel the change in their body.

Forest with Sun shining through the trees

We always encourage our customers to make a conscious effort to connect to the earth as a number one priority, but when that's simply not feasible our earthing products are the next best thing. Give grounding a try and feel the benefits yourself, and when you're not able to get out in to nature, stock up on some of our earthing equipment to use at home, or in the office.

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