Which Somavedic Device is Right For Me?

Selecting the right Somavedic device can be tricky. This article is intended to give a detailed breakdown on the differences between each Somavedic model, so that you can have peace of mind that the device you choose is best suited to your unique needs. Before we start it's worth noting that Somavedic devices are primarily used for EMF protection and also Water Structuring. Some devices are more suited for one function over the other, and each will offer varying strengths depending on the model.

We are pleased to offer both essential and premium models of Somavedic device to select from. The model you choose will depend on your own unique requirements, and budgetary constraints. Check out the comparison chart below for a quick summary of the health benefits and capabilities for each different Somavedic Device. 

Essential Somavedic Devices

The Essential models available are:
SOMAVEDIC energy chart                                                                            

Premium Somavedic Devices

We also offer the 2 Premium Models below (Amber and Gold). As can be seen these are even stronger than the Medic Green Ultra Device. If you want the ultimate EMF/5G effects mitigation, we suggest opting for one of these premium models.

Buying a Somavedic Device in Australia - A Deep Dive

Below you'll find a detailed breakdown on each Somavedic model available. Please note that we currently ship directly from the manufacturer (USA or Czech Republic) to any location in Australia. We are pleased to offer express international shipping, meaning that your item will arrive within 4 - 5 days of your order. 


Somavedic Medic Amber is a brand new model. It is 4x stronger than our bestseller the Medic Green Ultra, making it a good choice for anybody that requires an extremely powerful Somavedic device. 

  • 4x stronger than Medic Green Ultra with all its benefits and features
  • 5G mitigation protects the human body from its negative effects
  • Creates a more coherent, natural environment

COLORS: Amber, Champagne

3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, Free radicals, Geopathic zones

City apartment, Clinic, Family home, Hospital, Office, School

Somavedic User Review - Amber

"Within four days of sleeping with one in the room, I noticed that it was causing my body to flush itself free of free radicals, bacteria, parasites, and chemical toxicity. I was sweating as well as using the restroom frequently and feeling more purified each time."  - Teal Swan

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Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path.

The result of Somavedic Sky's effects is greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep. With the elimination of many other negative influences in the body and mind which we are constantly exposed today Sky makes a suitable helper to stressful city environments.

Sky has a universal use in all premises where more intensive harmonization is needed. It is suitable for apartments and family houses in larger cities, for offices with fewer people, yoga studios, small health facilities, or rehabilitation centers.

Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, 5G, geopathic zones, viruses,
bacteria, parasites, molds
Environment: Family houses in cities, hospitals,
rehabilitation centers, offices, shops, etc.
Body: Hand-blown crystal glass (sanded)
Certification: IGEF (Germany), IIREC (Austria)

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Somavedic SKY


The Medic provides a strong foundation for our standard line, and its use is universal. This model is successfully used in places where there’s a need to harmonize space more intensively. It can also handle greater stresses in cities.

The Medic is suitable for households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, bioresonance centers, massage and cosmetic salons and for larger properties. Medic has been independently tested and certified in two laboratories (IGEF and IIREC). This model has a sandblasted crystal glass body and requires particularly careful handling.

Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, 5G, geopathic zones, viruses,
bacteria, parasites, molds
Environment: Family houses in cities, hospitals,
rehabilitation centers, offices, shops, etc.
Body: Hand-blown crystal glass (sanded)
Certification: IGEF (Germany), IIREC (Austria)

    Medic - Somavedic Review

    "The total number of Wi-Fi networks radiating in my flat is 21 - a number some people can't even imagine. This means that the device eliminates up to 93 % of electrosmog including 95 % of the harmful Wi-Fi radiation in a flat."  - Jan 

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    Somavedic Medic Australia

    Medic Cobalt

    This model is built on a strong and proven foundation of the Medic model. Its core has been enriched with additional stones, which have a positive influence on the psyche, intuition, and concentration. Men who work on their self-awareness will like this model.

    Somavedic Medic Cobalt has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Medic, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Cobalt crystal.

    • Cobalt - psyche support
    • Used in Egypt
    • Royal blue color (chakra of the third eye)
    • B vitamins protect nerve tissue and have a beneficial effect on the overall psyche

    Trace amounts of cobalt are important for many living organisms, including humans. The concentration of several tenths of milligrams of cobalt per kilogram of soil has been shown to improve the health of grazing cattle. Cobalt is also part of one of the important members of the B vitamin group, vitamin B12.

    Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, EMF, GPZ, viruses, bacteria, molds
    Environment: Everywhere where there’s a need for the balanced psyche - family houses and apartment blocks, workplaces, office spaces, shops, etc.

      Medic Cobalt - Somavedic Review

      "I don't know how somavedic works, but it does. I own 2 of them. I bought the green one and the blue one, and have both at my office, and love them. They keep our energy space feeling good. Great products!"  - Jeanett Tapia

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      Somsvedic Medic Cobalt Australia

      Medic Green Ultra

      Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller. Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space. This model can also harmonize (structure) water.

      • Suitable for larger properties, households as well as hospitals, clinics, doctor´s offices, and massage and cosmetic salons.
      • The glass body is made of "yellow glass," which is important to help neutralize the ill effects of EMFs.
      • Medic Green Ultra has successfully passed 3 laboratory tests

      Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, free radicals

      Environment: Hospitals, clinics, bio-resonance center, schools, shopping malls, airplanes as well as regular family and multigenerational houses, apartments in cities and, properties close to cell-phone towers.

      Medic Green Ultra has especially proved to be successful in places where it was necessary to put two or more Somavedic Medic models.

      For its universal qualities, it quickly became our best-selling model (2018-2021).

      Medic Green Ultra - Somavedic Review

      "My life has radically shifted since I got this device…so much healing and deep cleansing has taken place. It feels like a good friend, a protector that I can count on 24/7, and I'm so grateful for it. I highly recommend you get a Somavedic if you can!! Think of it as a lifelong investment…totally worth it!!"  - Christine

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      Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Australia

      Medic Ruby Red

      The intention was to create a model, which would, apart from the standard functions of our proven Medic model, also support spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts. 

      Somavedic Medic Ruby has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Medic, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Ruby crystal.

      The intention was to create a model, which would, apart from the standard functions of our proven Medic model, also support spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts. Ruby is popular especially among women, who can feel its potential immediately

      • Ruby promotes spiritual growth
      • Stimulates heart chakra activity puts the heart in balance
      • It evokes positive dreams and clear visual images
      • It encourages pineal gland activity
      • Thanks to the protective effect of this stone, you can work harder during arguments and clashes.
      • In emotional life, the ruby ​​appears as a dynamic stone.
      • It stimulates desires and enthusiasm in the heart.
      • Ruby ​​is a crystal that supports the need to socialize with humans and induces sexual activity
      • As for the body, ruby ​​helps to overcome exhaustion and lethargy. It impersonates strength and energy while lowering hyperactivity.

      Elimination of influences: 3G, 4G, EMF, geopathic Zones, viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds
      Environment: Everywhere where there’s a need to “open hearts”- family houses and apartment blocks, rehabilitation centers, spiritual centers, meditation rooms, etc.
      Body: Hand-blown crystal with an admixture of rubies (sanded)

      Medic Ruby Red - Somavedic Review

      "My Ruby arrived yesterday afternoon and after just one hour of plugging the Ruby in I felt this overwhelming freedom and letting go sensation in my chest. I felt so completely calm and at ease. I had planned to go for a walk but didn’t want to walk away from the Ruby as the feeling was so divine. I Am truly over the moon with my purchase and can’t wait to see how I feel within the coming weeks and months. I am now also thinking of buying the Titanium Pyramid to intensify the effects of the Ruby." - Penelope

      Buy Somavedic Medic Ruby Red

      Somavedic Medic Ruby Red

      Somavedic Gold

      Each Somavedic Gold is custom made for the individual customer.

      The Medic Gold is a unique, premium model from the Somavedic product line. Its technology is based on scientific findings of quantum physics and the science of precious stones and minerals. Each device is plated with 24-carat gold and certified.

      Medic Gold neutralizes the harmful effects of EMF radiation and resulting free radicals; In addition to this, it eliminates negative effects of geopathic and psychosomatic zones on a human body. Medic Gold also influences the structure, characteristics, memory, Redox potential, and energy of water.

      The controlled vibrations of precious stones, which are located inside the body of a Medic Gold device in a specific and precise structure, are strengthened by their connection to the precious metals and Tesla coil.

      All matter consists of information. Our thoughts, feelings, experiences - i.e. all conscious and unconscious information, just like information of our ancestors - is stored in our DNA. In other words, it is stored in a virtual cloud - our quantum field.

      The quantum field is, therefore, full of information, which can be accessed through a connection to quantum waves, which the field emits. The access to correct information from the quantum field allows the positive influence of quantum waves on the environment we live in. If we want to change something in our lives, first we need to change the field. The reality follows the field.

      The spectrum of vibrations in a Medic Gold device is programmed and strengthened in such a way that it classifies and structures information stored in the human quantum field. This allows the activation of self-healing processes in the body and the mind.

      Important: As this model is customized model for each individual client, the 60-day money-back guarantee does not apply!

      Somavedic Gold - Review

      "Somavedic Gold accelerates processes of metaphysical vision, strengthens perceptions and connection. It’s an indispensable assistant in subtle energies."Marie Korcakova (therapist)

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      Somavedic Gold Device Australia


      The Somavedic Traveler is the smaller variant of the most powerful Somavedic model and is most suitable for smaller rooms, offices and regular car commutes. Somavedic Traveler is the smaller variant of the most powerful Somavedic model and is most suitable for smaller rooms, offices and regular car commutes.

      3G, 4G, Free radicals
      Car, Hotel room, Small apartment

      Somavedic Traveler Review

      "If you're someone who is interested in getting the very best protection against harmful EMF, 5G, etc and are invested in your health, then this is hand's down the best investment you can make other than clean air and clean water. Within 15 minutes of turning my Somavedic Green Ultra on, I felt a sense of relaxation and calm. It's like the anxiety I was feeling just went away. That night and every night following, I've been sleeping deeply, which in and of itself is worth it as we know how deeply restorative and important sleep is. Thank you Somavedic for making such a quality product. I look forward to trying the titanium pyramid in conjunction with this! I hope this helps you and your loved ones." - Diana

      Somavedic Traveler Australia

      What does the Science Say?

      Please find below a number of studies that were carried out to test the efficacy of Somavedic devices. These studies have been provided by Somavedic, and more information along with the studies can be found on the Somavedic website.

      The effects of Somavedic Devices on Water and Red Blood Cells

      Results showing positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system, and improvement of the quality and lenght of the sleep.



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